The World Water Week 2021 has ended bringing under the spotlight unseen global challenges to overcome


The World Water Week 2021 has ended last week with a five-day water events to  foster cooperation and collective determination in tackling the water challenges. The event was held on August 23-27 and it was fully digital under the theme Building Resilience Faster.

As the world’s water issues are becoming alarmingly obvious, this year’s conference has brought under the spotlight unseen water challenges showing how we can join forces and address them. The event arranged over 400 sessions, co-created with leading international organizations, to demonstrate a number of solutions to for example water scarcity, the climate crisis and poverty.  

The ultimate message is “we have many solutions to fix the water crisis and tackle climate change, but we need political will and sufficient investments. This is what the conference called on the international community to activate.

In case you have missed the event, you can find all the session’s informations here.




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