UNIVERSWATER project set to tackle agri-water challenges across Europe


On the 11th of June, the official kick-off meeting of the UNIVERSWATER project took place online. Funded under the Horizon Europe programme, the UNIVERSWATER project is set to tackle agri-water challenges, by transforming the agri-water management sector.

Water quality and quantity are under increasing pressure from agricultural activities, exacerbated by climate change. UNIVERSWATER addresses these challenges through a ‘system of systems’ approach, developing and improving technologies to optimize water resource use. The project aims to integrate innovative portable and in-situ sensors with earth observation imaging and advanced artificial intelligence techniques to monitor and manage water usage and quality effectively. Among the key objectives of UNIVERSWATER are the:

  • Development of innovative sensors for parameters such as salinity, nutrients, and microbiological indicators.
  • Integration of these sensors with earth observation data and AI for real-time water management.
  • Implementation of sustainable water remediation methods at the point of need.
  • Promotion of these technologies through pricing incentives to encourage widespread adoption.

The technologies developed will be integrated into decision support systems (DSS) tested in three case studies in Ireland, Italy and Greece, focusing on dairy soiled water treatment, soil salination mitigation through water reuse, and optimized fertilizer/pesticide application. The goal is to develop a modular, extensible, and holistic universal Decision support system adaptable to various local conditions.

The project brings together a consortium of 15 partners from six European countries. Led by the Tyndall National Institute – University College Cork, the UNIVERSWATER consortium comprises of leading institutions and organizations, ensuring a robust interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration.

Pierre Lovera, coordinator of UNIVERSWATER project, shared his enthusiasm for the project’s launch, stating that: ‘We are delighted to lead this groundbreaking project in collaboration with a highly interdisciplinary consortium composed of partners who are experts in their fields. Together, we will develop innovative technologies and approaches to support and advance a water circular economy and provide more sustainable agricultural practices.’

To stay updated on the project’s developments, please follow its social media channels on X and LinkedIn.


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