Untapping potential in a green transition at the Grundfos event


On the 12th of January 2023, Water Europe was present at the event ‘Water efficiency in industry: the untapped potential in a green transition, held at the European Parliament and hosted by Pernille Weiss, GRUNDFOS,  State of Green Denmark and the Danish water Industries Conferederation.

With a line up of high-level EU speakers, the event debated how industries can overcome the challenges of water in a sustainable and efficient way. Both public and private decision-makers are working to accelerate water-efficient solutions in the industry as a vital answer to water scarcity.

The key messages to take home are:

✅Europe must lead us to invest in ambitious action plans to achieve a Water-Smart Society, through resource efficiency, nexus approaches and partnerships;

✅European stakeholders need to partner and commit together, including Members States, to ensure sustainable water management and availability;

✅Industries should no longer look at the short-term water investment but at the total costs, including the one of doing nothing;
✅We need to ensure that Europe stays a front-runner for water-smart and efficient industry, and lead by example.


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