Water Europe is being appointed to the New Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform


Water Europe is delighted being appointed to the new Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform set by the European Commission, in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions. 

The Platform will bring together stakeholders and experts of different policy areas (e.g. health, agriculture, research and innovation, transport, digitalisation and the environment) to effectively mainstream the zero pollution agenda, help create co-ownership, promote collaboration and foster integrated solutions and actions that maximise synergies with decarbonisation and post-COVID 19 recovery efforts.

It will develop and share good practices on cross-cutting topics such as financing for zero pollution innovation and jobs, boosting sustainable production and consumption. The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform will also establish synergies with other relevant initiatives, such as the European Climate Pact, as well as foster regular and interactive dialogue and collaboration with Member States, businesses, non-governmental organisations, academia and other stakeholders. 


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