Water Europe position paper calls for achieving a circular, green and smart wastewater directive


In our previous newsletter, Water Europe announced that we joined a coalition on access to sanitation. The month of November was an opportunity not only to release WE position to achieve a circular green and smart wastewater directive but also to send a reminder on the importance of access to sanitation. Water Europe encourages the European Union along several areas of improvements to break the silo-approach and build a modernised legislation for wastewater management. Our five recommendations are:

– A holistic management of wastewater treatment plants must be considered for water and energy savings, particularly through the exploitation of the Value in Water.
– Specific measures are needed to address contaminants of emerging concern and antimicrobial resistance.
– Digitisation needs to be encouraged to a much higher extent.
– A better legal framework should be incorporated for better storm and small agglomeration water management.
– A water-friendly legislation needs to be built by and for European citizens.

Water Europe will continue the dialogue with key stakeholders and the EU institutions, particularly on the importance of Hybrid Green-grey infrastructure during Water Knowledge Europe 2020.


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