Water Europe Working Groups Updates


On 19 March 2020, Water Europe Working Groups hosted their scheduled meetings via video conference to discuss their annual plans and arrange the next steps of their work.

In the morning, the first round of Working Group (WG) meetings took place with an organised joint meeting of the Working Groups Water Security and Urban Water Pollution, the meeting of the WG Water & Αgrifood, as well as the WG Water and Industry. The latter one has produced a new vision/mission document with an action plan.

Among the most important issues of the WG at the moment have been the engagement and participation of more industrial contacts in the Working Group. In addition to this, the WG is working on a paper for industrial water reuse titled ‘The worth of water’.

The second round of the Working Groups featured the Working Groups Human Capital and Water and Energy, while in the third and last round, the Working Groups Water & ΙCT and Water Distribution Infrastructure met virtually.

For more updates on our Working Groups’ discussions and developments, please stay tuned.

For more information on WE WGs, please contact Andrea Rubini at andrea.rubini@watereurope.eu.


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