Water Europe’s response to Corona Virus Outbreak


Due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak and the increased bans imposed on company travel, Water Europe has decided to respect the growing concerns of its network and cancel its two upcoming events, Water Market Europe 2020 (18-19 March 2020) and WE International Water Dialogues Days 2020 (20-21 April 2020).

Given that the health threat will presumably continue to be an issue for an extended time and that WE annual events are strategically spread over the year, we have taken the decision to cancel and not postpone the events at a later time, as any such decision could compromise the Water Europe’s calendar for the remainder of the year.

Our Water Europe events form an important building block in our strategy and therefore, we are diligently working towards finding alternative ways to keep our services at their highest level and implement effectively our strategy the next period of time. All the already registered attendees of our events will be contacted individually.

An overview of our WE events’ status is presented below.

 18-19 March 2020: Water Market Europe 2020 CANCELLED
 18 March 2020: Water Europe Board meeting TELECONFERENCE
 20-21 April 2020: WE International Water Dialogues Days 2020 CANCELLED
 17-18 June 2020: Water Innovation Europe 2020 AS PLANNED
Re-evaluation of the situation by 04/04
 17 June 2020: WE Annual General Meeting 2020 AS PLANNED
Re-evaluation of the situation by 04/04

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