Water Innovation Europe 2018 is knocking at our door with the 4th edition of WssTP Water Innovation Awards!



For this 2018 edition, the Water Innovation Awards is back on track with a big mission: Put the spotlight on new technologies and innovative solutions that respond to the WssTP Water Vision ‘The Value of water, and support the transition to a European Water-Smart Society.

Do you have an innovative technology but you find it difficult to catch the attention of your target audience?

The WssTP Water Innovation Awards is the competition you are looking for!

Who can apply for these Awards?

WssTP Awards open their doors to diverse areas of expertise, as five different prize categories are featured:

  • SMEs prize => SMEs that are innovative both in terms of the solutions and the technologies they create and the way they market th
    elves and/or their solutions.
  • Water Technology & infrastructure prize => Innovative technologies related to all aspects of the water cycle.
  • Digital Water prize => Solutions providing digital value to water.
  • Water Governance priz
    => Successful governance solutions.
  • Global Water Challenges Prize => Water innovative initiatives
  • following the Sustainable Development Goals.

Take Up the Challenge & Register Now!


! Applications Open Until the 13th of May !

Stand out among the most influential stakeholders of the European water sector and showcase your new technologies and innovative solutions.

Are you ready to take up the challenge ? Click and register here. 

[To learn more on the eligibility and conditions to participate, please click here.]


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