Water Knowledge Europe 2021 is coming back with a new format


Water Knowledge Europe 2021 is coming back for its spring edition to fit with the new Calls for Proposals of the Horizon Europe (HEU). This time with a new striking format.

The main programme of the event will take place from 22nd to 26th March digitally and will include the two well-known modules: Water Market Europe an Water Project Europe to foster the market outreach of innovative solutions and policy developments for a Water-Smart Europe.

In addition, to master the complexity of the new HEU Work Programmes 2021-2022, Water Europe will organise several pre-event webinars on the most interesting groups of Calls for Proposals, starting from the 2nd of February. WG meetings start on the 15th of March and during the main event week we will have the three key modules and thematic workshops. That’s our way to provide you with the most updated information for the preparation of your successful project consortia.

Read the full announcement here to know more, registration will come up soon. 


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