Water Projects Europe coming up during the IWA Conference on Nov 7


Wetlands play an important role in protecting freshwater from pollutants, pathogens, excessive nutrients, metals, and sediments. They can also provide effective protection against storms and can contribute greatly to soil stabilization, preservation of biodiversity, and wildlife habitat.

The 17th International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control 2022 is part of the IWA Specialist Group “Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control” conference series, which is a bi-annual conference series that serves as a global forum for discussion and knowledge sharing on the state of the art in scientific and practical development and implementation of natural and constructed wetlands and other Nature-based Solutions to provide improved water quality and other co-benefits and ecosystem services.

Together with the HYDROUSA project and INRAE/INSA, Water Europe is organizing a clustering workshop, Water Projects Europe, as part of the IWA Conference that intends to address the above-mentioned issues by opening a discussion board composed of experts bringing real-life experience from different projects and initiatives. This edition of WPE highlights initiatives and projects on NBS, as well as the participation of local government and utility representatives.

To register for online attendance, click here. If you want to attend the in-person event, register here.

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