Water Projects Europe counts 4 successful editions already


Water Projects Europe is the newest event series of Water Europe that counts, so far, four successful editions since October 2020. No one doubts that there are many innovative projects running and many impressive results available, but how often do they reach the right audiences? This need is covered through the Water Projects Europe event that creates the platform for projects to share their lessons, explore strategies for market outreach and offer inputs to policymakers. This type of inputs can provide evidence for policy development and design, can identify gaps and barriers in policy frameworks, but it can also develop new opportunities and innovative activities for any area of policymaking.

Due to the pandemic, all the WPE editions have been held online, with the launch of the event taking place in October 2020 under the theme ‘Industrial Water Reuse in the Circular Economy’. In 2021, the first WPE edition was held in March and was dedicated to ‘Water in the Circular Economy Policy Agenda’. Based on the outcomes of Water Projects Europe workshop, the European Commission published later in the year the ‘Water in the Circular Economy policy development’ report, presenting not only the topics discussed but also several recommendations derived from the Horizon 2020 projects participating in the workshop. In the context of our annual conference WIE2021, another WPE edition took place on the topic ‘Inclusive Governance for a Water-Smart society’ in June 2021 which was live-streamed and can be watched here.

The latest WPE event happened last week and gathered more than 300 participants and online viewers who tuned in to follow the discussion on how to preserve freshwater by integrating water-smart strategies for industrial processes. The event is also available on YouTube and the presentations can be found here. New Water Projects Europe editions will be coming up in 2022. More communications will follow in the new year.


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