Water recycling system Hydraloop wins UN award


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the agency of the United Nations, has chosen Hydraloop as winner of the WIPO Global Awards Program. Hydraloop was elected because it has developed unique, patented technology that can substantially reduce water consumption worldwide, realizing a huge social impact. Due to human behavior and the effects of climate change, almost every region in the world now suffers from water stress.

WIPO’s Global Awards program praises Hydraloop as an exceptional company that uses its intellectual property (IP) in an innovative and smart way to help solve the water crisis and improve the quality of life worldwide. Arthur Valkieser, CEO of Hydraloop, says: “This UN award is a great recognition of the value of our intellectual property and the impact Hydraloop has in the fight against the rapidly growing global shortage of clean water. Our no filters/membranes/chemical technology and proprietary IP are unique and change the market. With Hydraloop, anyone – anywhere in the world – can take action and save water.”

The Global Awards program is rooted in WIPO’s mission to ensure a world where innovation and creativity are supported by intellectual property. WIPO’s program recognizes the central role of innovative and creative activities of SMEs that leverage intellectual property rights to develop solutions that make a positive contribution, economically, socially and culturally. The prize is awarded based on successful commercialization of IP and its positive impact on society.

To learn more about HYDRALOOP company, click here.


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