WaterProtect organises Webinar on ‘Sustainable drinking water management & farming’


The project WaterProtect is organising a webinar on ‘Sustainable drinking water management & farming’ on 2 April 2020. The webinar is replacing the WaterProtect’s third policy conference of the work package on Integrated Policy Support, which had to be canceled due to the outbreak of the COVID-19.

The webinar will showcase examples of local policies, initiatives and partnerships for drinking water management involving farming.

About this Event

European dialogue around sustainability of the farming sector is now marked by the EU cycle of policy reforms and implicitly by the discussions of the role, scope and synergies between agriculture and water policies. 

The implementation of these policies and the effectiveness in producing real results is very much influenced by the initiatives and implementation mechanisms at the local level. 

The results of this webinar, integrated with the results of other regional conferences already organised by WaterProtect, will define EU and national policy recommendations for drinking water management involving farming systems and land management.


WaterProtect results

  • Session I: Legal and policy initiatives towards better integration of activities within the catchment management
  • Session II: Initiatives driven by industry to establish partnerships between water managers and farmers
  • Session III: Initiatives promoted by NGOs to stimulate cooperation between water management
  • Session IV: Initiatives promoted by farmers toward better protection of water environment

  To participate, register here before March 31st. 



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