WE President editorial January 2020


Dear Water Europe family,

It is almost no news anymore but loses nonetheless none of its extraordinary impact value that the World Economic Forum recognizes for the 9th consecutive time water crises as one of the top ten societal challenges. You would expect to see, after 9 years, a reflection of the water crises and most importantly, new ways of looking at water governance and management as means of dealing with them, in the European policies, particularly after the launch of the EU Green Deal and Horizon Europe.

We at Water Europe are confirmed in our convictions, so there is little risk of us failing or walking off track. If only the world leaders, beyond crises, recognized the full Value of Water.

‘A Water-Smart society for a European Green deal’ will be the central theme of the 2020 edition of Water Innovation Europe, the annual flagship conference of Water Europe. WIE2020 will raise awareness of the value of water for The Green Deal in technologies, sustainable solutions and new businesses making sure that the 1 trillion euros is properly invested, and all potential actors and means are put in place.

The Water Europe board has decided in its last meeting that we should go beyond simply promoting the value of water but also put in place the drivers for innovation in European Water legislation based on our Water Vision and our societal responsibility, considering what is technologically possible and commercially realistic. To collaborate in these tasks and increase our effectiveness our team in Brussels will be shortly joined by a new Water Policy Innovation Officer.

I have no doubt 2020 will be yet another interesting year for the water sector and hope that we will be able to make an impact, promote research and innovation and hopefully also have tangible results, we can share with you. Looking ahead you might consider marking already some of the important events and milestones for the first half of the year on your calendars:

  Our Working Groups are buzzing with activity. The Working Group on Water Security has scheduled a Workshop on Water Security at the KWR premises on the 29th of January.

 A new edition of Water Market Europe 2020 will be taking place on the 18 and 19 March in Brussels. This specific edition will address the burning issue of ‘Digital and cybersecurity solutions for utilities and industries’.

 As part of our International Water Dialogues Programme, we will be organising the International Water Dialogues Days on the 20 and 21st of April. This new annual event will advocate for the role that the EU and European water sector actors can play in achieving the 2030 Agenda, in particular, SDG 6 and other water-related targets, and to set-up an action plan for Europe and beyond.

You know my fixation with the ultimate goal of Water Europe which is no other than applying, and/or taking to market the knowledge for which we constantly advocate and try to create a European podium. This is our definition of the term, innovation.

As a practical example of this statement, the five winners we awarded for their innovative solutions at the last Water Europe Innovation Awards 2019 six months ago, take the time in this edition to share with us their exciting developments and news since then. Enjoy them.

Have a great 2020, and do not forget why the effort each and everyone in this large and growing family puts every day in promoting and defending water is valuable and necessary.



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