Universities/Research organisations

Institutions in Europe that focuses primarily on teaching, fundamental research, or applied research and development with the aim of bridging the gap between fundamental research and its application in the market.

Solution providers

Companies or organisations in Europe, along with their associations, committed to offering products, services, software, expertise, or technologies. Their goal is to address specific client needs related to water, enhancing efficiency and addressing environmental challenges.

Water users

Companies that use water in their production processes, including irrigation for agriculture. This category highlights the essential role of water in various industries, emphasizing the need for sustainable water management practices.

Public authorities

Authorities with a legal mandate to govern or administer aspects of public life, including municipalities, regional authorities, water basin authorities, and regulators. Their associations contribute to the governance and regulation of public services, impacting societal welfare and sustainability.

Civil Society Organisations

Non-profit organisations that are legally registered with appropriate statutes, working for the benefit of society. They engage in activities ranging from advocacy to community development, playing a vital role in fostering social welfare and environmental (water) sustainability.

Large water users

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Suppliers & SME’s

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Public or private entities and their associations dedicated to providing essential services such as water and electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. They play a crucial role in maintaining the infrastructure for public services, ensuring accessibility and reliability.

R&T Developers

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Multinational corporations

Large corporations centered around water in their business model, operating across multiple countries. They are legally registered in at least one European country, utilizing their international presence to drive business and sustainability in water-related sectors.