WEBINAR: Disclosure – a critical foundation for smart water management


The webinar ‘Disclosure – a critical foundation for smart water management’ took place today during Water Innovation Europe 2020Find below the key messages delivered by the speakers from CDP, Nadya Dedikova – Public Affairs Officer; Andreas Svennefjord – Account Manager Reporter Services; & Jerome Taraska – Account Manager Capital Markets Engagement. 

  45% of companies report that exposure to water-related risks can severely impact their business and almost half of them are anticipating the impact within the next 3 years. The financial value at risk is estimated to be between 188-425 billion US dollars. The analysis also indicates that less than half of respondents regularly meter and monitor the quality of their discharges, while just 12% have set a water pollution reduction goal or target.

 Companies in the food, textile, retail, energy, industrial, chemicals, pharmaceuticals & mining sectors have account for over 70% of the world’s water use and water pollution.

 Increased water stress, flooding and increased water scarcity are identified among the three top risk drivers.

 80% of a product’s impact is determined at the design phase and only 1% of the companies identify opportunities related to designing out pollution.

 The business case to tackle water pollution is clear. Investors and buyers should raise the ambition and tackle water pollution.


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