Welcome to Vision Leadership Team ‘The Value of Water’


One month ago, Water Europe announced the launch of its new collaboration programme, bringing forward a reorganisation of the WE Vision Leadership Teams. The new VLT matrix is, overall, consisting of seven VLT teams, three horizontal, three vertical and a holistic one: The Value of Water.

The Value of Water differs from the other six VLTs due to its transversal nature. What is its mission? This VLT is here to build on the cross-cutting principles of the Water Europe’s vision, which anticipates the EU Green Deal and the related strategies, and delivers the common rationale based on the “true” value of water as basic principle to achieve a Water-Smart Society.

The Value of Water VLT will provide visionary insights for structuring efficient water socio-economic and governance systemic models in which research and innovation results can be validated and migration paths to the Water-Smart Society experimented.

The VLT is composed of five members coming from a variety of organisations:

-Jacob Bossaer, BOSAQ
-Phoebe Koundouri, Athena RC
-Dominique Darmendrail, BRGM
-Richard Elelman, Eurecat
-Arthur Valkieser, Hydraloop Systems

A special webinar will be organised within the next weeks where the VLT members will present the VLT’s mission, objectives and next plans. Stay tuned to learn more!


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