What should you expect from G-STIC Conference 2019?


The third edition of G-STIC is coming up on 20-22 November in Brussels with a compelling agenda of different thematic programmes, aiming at bringing forward market-ready integrated technological solutions that can have a big impact on the achievement of the SDGs. Chief among them remains the water topic and Water Europe is glad to actively contribute to the conference’s discussions with three WE ambassadors present to address how we can embrace water innovations and accelerate their wide-scale deployment.

In particular, Alexis de Kerchove, WE Board member and member of the WE Vision Leadership Team on Water-Smart Cities will share his insights, delivering a keynote speech on ‘Urban water sector technological transitions and innovations towards 2030’ , the moment that Mehdi Ahmadi, leader of the WE WG ‘Nature-Based Solutions’ will elaborate on how water and climate-resilient management will shape the transition in water management and contribute to delivering the SDGs. Durk Krol, WG Executive Director will moderate the panel discussion on the topic ‘Grey to green infrastructure: can nature teach us climate resilience?’

To read more on the G-STIC Conference, click here.


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