Why do the Water Europe Working Groups matter?


Networking, knowledge sharing, experience exchange, and collaborative activities are essential to address common water challenges, develop new solutions and shape successful project consortia. Our Collaboration programme at Water Europe is all about making these happen and our Working Groups are the beating heart of this programme.

As a major instrument in Water Europe’s ambition to achieve a Water Smart Society, our Working Groups are members’ driven and dynamically structured to allow WE members to meet, network, and collaborate around specific water-related challenges and work-out solutions. Water Europe currently counts 17 active Working Groups, among which we have five new ones launched over the last year. Our new Working Groups address the themes of Water & Climate; Water Security; Water & Energy; Water and Human Capital and Water Distribution Infrastructure. Among the most recent achievements of our Working Groups have been the new publication of the WG Water Beyond Europe titled “Water in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: How Europe can act?” and the organisation of the CybersecureWater Workshop in Barcelona, organised by the WG Water & ICT and AIOTI, with the support of Cetaqua, Eurecat, FEUGA, and SUEZ.

WE Working Groups produce bi-annual work plans, aligned and harmonised to their respective scopes and objectives, during their face to face or online meetings across the year. Only during the last year, our Working Groups convened 36 times back to back to Water Europe’s main events and other occasions.

Each WE WG is led by a leadership team whose members act as Water Europe Ambassadors advocating for a Water Smart Society. WE Working Groups remain open for new members along the year.


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