Winner of the day: WeCo – Global Water Challenges Award


Last day for Water Innovation Europe 2020 conference and in the context of its fifth and last panel session dedicated to ‘A Water-Smart Society for excellent quality of Water’, Mathilde de Jongh from the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) revealed the winner of the most innovative water initiative following the Sustainable Development goals.

 width=WeCo is the winner for the Global Water Challenges Awards category. Cécile Dekeuwer, WeCo President received the award and spoke about WeCo’s expertise on recycling on-site the wastewater from public toilets. WeCo public toilets consume only 350 L of water per year, considering 100 daily users. The wastewater produced by toilets with the flush is treated on-site via a biological process and an electrochemical reactor killing the bacteria and clarifying the water, producing drinkable water quality for flushes or watering the plants or cleaning. This patented innovation is the first worldwide to treat and recycle onsite the black water within two hours and a reduced size technology of 2 m3, thus making it viable for a host of application scenarios. The potential savings are huge if one considers that standard public toilet uses around 156,000 litres of water per year

WeCo is a multidisciplinary team of sales, marketing, engineers and industry experts that is creating an innovative, sustainable and autonomous toilet, allowing toilets with a closed water loop to recycle the wastewater on-site. The final aim is to treat- recycle on-site all the waste from the toilets into resources. To learn more about their work, please click here.


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