WssTP Water Innovation SMEs Awards Winners 2015 Announced!


SME Awards WIE2015In the context of its annual stakeholder event, Water Innovation Europe 2015: The role of water in the circular economy, WssTP hosted with great success the second edition of its WssTP Water Innovation SMEs Awards, last evening at the Diamant Centre in Brussels.

We are now delighted to announce that the 4 winners of WssTP Water Innovation SMEs Awards 2015 are:

  •  Resolute Marine from Ireland
  •  Sansox Oy from Finland
  •  BWA from the Netherlands
  •  CARDPool from France   

The WssTP  Working Group Techwatch together with the WssTP Innovation and Technology Advisory Board( iTAB) chose 4 outstanding applications on the basis of their innovation, market potential and exploitation strategy. The 4 winning SMEs have got 2 years free WssTP membership, advertisement through WssTP website and social media, as well as a trophy.The innovations of the 4 winning SMEs were identified, as the best practices in their field of application with high market potential.


[tab_item title=”Resolute Marine”]

Resolute Marine LogoResolute Marine Energy, Inc. (“RME”) from Ireland is commercializing the world’s first wave-driven desalination system (trade named “Wave2OTM”) that operates solely on mechanical power and thus requires no connections to an electrical grid. Wave2OTM is tailored to the needs of coastal communities in water scarce area where a solution to persistent water shortages is urgently needed and where Wave2OTM has the unique advantage of filling a large gap in the market between utility-scale and micro-scale fresh water production systems. Wave2OTM consists of several wave energy converters deployed close to shore that pressurize seawater which is piped ashore to drive a seawater reverse-osmosis desalination system. The brine (saline byproduct of the RO process) is fully diluted before it is returned to sea and thus does not harm the environment. More information.

[tab_item title=”SansOx OY”]

SansOx_water picture_logo_big_cmykSansOx is a startup company from Finland that provides optimal oxygenation solutions for several branches of water treatment such as drinking water production, fish farming and industrial water processing.  This year, SansOx was awarded for its SaoxFuge technology which works on the principal that a spiral flow in the tube creates a strong centrifugal force. This causes the particles of the material to become organized into layers according to their sediment order. Particles in liquid become organized according to their specific gravity so that heavier particles move towards the outer screen of the tube. Saoxfuge is a big step towards more effective water treatment and energy savings. More information.

[tab_item title=”BWA”]

BWA logo v1Through research and collaboration BWA is looking for new ways to solve existing problems in a more sustainable and economical way. Waste recycling, re-use of materials and recovery of low-grade energy are central in all its solutions.  BWA is worldwide active in the municipal and industrial market and focuses mainly on the treatment of wastewater, drinking- and process water, biosolids, sludge and gasses. Separation and thickening of solids and liquids are part of BWA’s core activities. BWA was awarded for its innovative concept on recovery of suspended solids from raw wastewater on the basis of particle size. More information.


[tab_item title=”CardPool”]

CARDPoolCARDPool is an independent startup focused on the development, design and manufacture of processing equipment for microbiological decontamination of fluids. It specialises in the development of composite materials (ceramics based) with super germicides surfaces, which currently represents a technological breakthrough without parallel in the field of microbiological treatment.After 3 years of research and 2 years of full-scale validation, CARDPool designed and manufactured in France the NEWATER system for the decontamination of water SPA. This system disinfects the water without adding any chemicals, without any additional power consumption and without any regular procedure; the new system significantly differs from all other techniques currently applied. More information.





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