ZERO BRINE releases a new policy brief showing how zerobrine technology can successfully promote a zero pollution strategy


ZERO BRINE Project has released a new policy paper “Benefits of the ZEROBRINE technology for a successful zero pollution strategy“. Within this policy brief, ZERO BRINE highlights several benefits for a successful Zero Pollution Strategy with several impacts that demonstrate the importance to consider the white spot that brine management is included in this European action plan.

ZERO BRINE proposes a circular economy approach to reduce the negative impacts of brine from process industries and to create economic
value from the reuse of mineral salts, containing sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulphates, bicarbonates, and fresh water. ZERO BRINE demonstrates the use of a combination of existing and new technologies for recovery and reuse of both the material constituents as well as energy such as waste heat.

The Zero Pollution Ambition for a toxic-free environment is a new European strategy which aims to prevent and reduce pollution in water,
air and soil and also facilitate remediation. Paired with the objectives to address industrial pollution, the specific action plan wants to fill in the white spots in the EU legislation, improve the monitoring processes and also contribute to smarter legislation.


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