Advancing Water Resilience: Water Europe Co-hosts Key Event at UN Environment Assembly


Water Europe is very happy to co-host, together with the European Commission and UNEP, the side-event “Shaping a water-resilient world, with water security for all’’ at the 6th Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly.

The event will take place this week, on the 1st of March in Nairobi, Kenya and aims to address the following topics:
Promoting action on water resilience and water security
Building Water-Smart Societies
Discussing the consequences of unsustainable water management and ecosystem degradation.
Moreover, the event will explore key tools and practices, such as the Water-Oriented Living Labs, as essential tools towards achieving global water resilience.

With this event, we aspire to make tangible contributions to the preparations for the upcoming UN Water Conference in 2026. You can check out more info at this link.


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