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Bridging policy, technology, and community: a confluence of collaborative efforts for sustainable water management and innovation through our diverse programmes.


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At WaterEurope, we take a visionary approach towards cultivating a future where water, a cornerstone of life, is managed wisely and sustainably. Our programmes are meticulously designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing in the water sector. We strive to bring together a myriad of stakeholders – from policymakers, scientists, to industry leaders, nurturing a platform where ideas blossom into real-world solutions.

By investing in cutting-edge research and technology, our programmes aim to address the pressing water challenges of today, paving the way for a Water-Smart Society. Discover a realm where your passion for water sustainability converges with groundbreaking initiatives, and join us in making a lasting impact on Europe’s water landscape.

This Programme encourages networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration across the entire water value chain. It addresses common challenges and fosters the development of new solutions through collaborative research and innovation.

Key objectives:

Collaboration tools

The Collaboration Programme is supported by the following activities:

Working Groups and Vision Leadership Teams

Water Europe's Working Groups facilitate member-driven collaboration, acting as the technical backbone of our community. These groups, along with the Vision Leadership Teams, drive our vision forward by applying research findings to promote innovation in the European market.

Clustering Activities

Through clustering activities and our Water Projects Europe event series, we link various research and innovation projects to leverage mutual strengths, encouraging knowledge sharing and the development of sustainable water practices and policies.

White papers/ Technical reports

Water Europe's Working Groups and Vision Leadership Teams produce white papers and reports, offering detailed analysis and solutions for the water sector, bridging research with practice. These documents serve as comprehensive resources, offering in-depth analyses of key issues, innovative solutions, and policy recommendations within the water sector and leverage the expertise of Water Europe's representatives.

Water Knowledge Europe

It is the Brokerage event for Water Europe members to get successfully involved in EU funded projects. It facilitates the formation of project consortia and development of new project ideas. The programme includes a range of EU officials and experts who present the water-related calls for proposals, sharing their insights with you, and providing guidance.

This Programme helps our members turn their research and ideas into real-world solutions. It’s a key part of our strategy to build a Water-Smart Society. Through our WE Marketplace and Water-Oriented Living Labs (WOLLs), we provide platforms for showcasing, testing, and deploying transformative water-related solutions and approaches, accelerating the journey of research and innovation from concept to market.

Key objectives:

Implementation tools

The Implementation Program is supported by the following activities:

Water-Oriented Living Labs (WOLLs)

The Water-Oriented Living Labs (WOLLs) offer practical real-life environments for deploying transformative solutions, fostering collective progress between stakeholders towards a Water-Smart Society.

Water Europe Marketplace

The Marketplace is a matchmaking platform for showcasing, testing, and deploying transformative water-related solutions and approaches, accelerating the journey of research and innovation from concept to market.

International Water Dialogues

WE International Water Dialogues aim to set up collaboration and partnerships between actors in the EU and other global regions to expand market opportunities for European solutions and to enhance scientific exchanges.

Water Market Europe

Water Market Europe events are designed to match problem owners with solution providers through structured B2B meetings, encouraging productive and mutually beneficial partnerships in the water sector. They take place both in Brussels, and across Europe in the format of Water Market Europe Roadshows.

This programme aims to increase the understanding and appreciation of the Value of Water for our society, economy, and biodiversity. We advocate for an ambitious and innovative water-related policy based on our values and supported by the outcomes of EU-funded research projects.

Key objectives:

Advocacy tools

The advocacy programme is supported by the following activities:

Policy Advisory Committee & EU Expert Groups

The Policy Advisory Committee supports the Secretariat's advocacy efforts. It helps shape advocacy priorities and strategies to promote a Water-Smart Society. Water Europe's diverse membership allows it to contribute to several EU Expert Groups.

EU projects & policy-related papers

Water Europe develops position papers and joint statements to push for the adoption of water-smart initiatives in EU policies, targeting a Water-Smart Society in Europe and elsewhere. Our advocacy is founded on ambitious yet pragmatic objectives, ensuring economic feasibility, technological neutrality, and evidence-based decisions.


Working alongside various partners, Water Europe is committed to unifying the water sector's voice, showcasing consensus on key trends and necessary actions for a Water-Smart Society. As a member of the EU Water Alliance, we engage in information exchange and joint actions with other Brussels-based associations, fostering both short and long-term collaborations across the water community.

Water Innovation Europe

Water Innovation Europe, the annual flagship event of Water Europe, is held every June. It's designed to shape the European water-related future by offering new perspectives and insights from high-level EU decision-makers and experts of the water sector and bringing forward the latest updates and trends on new water technologies and innovations.

Let’s build a Water-Smart Society together

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