Awards 2024

Over 25 winners since 2015

Since their launch in 2015, the Water Europe Innovation Awards have been raising the visibility of new innovative water-related approaches, solutions, and technologies with high market or high-value application potential with the aim to pave the way towards the implementation of the Water Europe Vision 2030 “The value of water: Towards a Water-Smart Society”.

Water Europe Vision Leadership Teams, in their sole and absolute discretion, will evaluate all the applications, on the basis of their innovation, market potential, impact, replicability and exploitation strategy. Water Europe Innovation Awards open their doors to diverse areas of expertise as five different award categories are featured, giving this way the opportunity to a variety of applicants to stand out in their respective fields of specialization.

Deadline to apply: 19-05-24 at 12pm

How to apply?

What to do?

To apply to one of the 5 following awards, you have to fill in this form by May 14th 2024. To proceed with the application, you will need to specify:

  1. Title of the proposed innovation
  2. Description of the innovation
  3. Description of impact of the innovation (market or implementation potential)
  4. Description of replicability potential of the innovation
  5. Description of the contribution of the proposed innovation to the Water Europe Vision the “Value of Water”

The Water Europe’s secretariat will collect the applications and submit them to the Evaluation Committee.


For more information about Water Europe Innovation Awards, please contact Mr. Andrea Rubini, Director of Operations at

Award Types

Global Water Challenge Award

Open to innovative initiatives that have contributed to achieving the water-related Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs

Technology & Services Providers and SMEs Award

Open to SMEs that are innovative both in terms of the solutions and the technologies they create and the way they market themselves and/or their solutions

Digital Water Award

Open to any solutions providing digital value to water.

Water Technology & Infrastucture Award

Open to innovative technologies related to all aspects of the water cycle.

Water Governance Award

Open to public and private organisation proposing successful governance solutions for the water sector.

Water Europe Innovation Awards Categories


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