Building a Sustainable Water Future: The Collaborative Vision of Germany’s National Water Strategy


The German National Water Strategy emphasizes the importance of water as a vital resource for life, industry, agriculture, and ecosystems. The strategy is motivated by the increasing threats to water resources due to climate change, leading to issues such as droughts, floods, altered precipitation patterns, and extreme weather events. It also acknowledges the challenges of water pollution from various sources, demographic shifts, lifestyle changes, and evolving land use patterns.

Strategic issues and visions for 2050:

– The document identifies ten key strategic issues, including ensuring natural water regimes, adapting land use, developing sustainable water body management, mitigating pollution risks, and adapting water infrastructure to climate change.

– Each issue is detailed with a current assessment, challenges faced, and a vision for 2050. These visions aim at sustainable water usage, quality maintenance, and infrastructure adaptation in response to climate change.

– The strategy underscores the importance of maintaining biodiversity, ensuring equitable water distribution, and promoting efficient water use.

More information is available here.

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