EU elections 2024: An opportunity to bring water at the top of the EU political agenda


The upcoming European Elections from June 6th to June 9th are a crucial opportunity for all of us to influence the EU’s political agenda.

Αmong the central topics of this year’s European elections are protecting the EU democracy; the European Green Deal and the Digital Agenda; External relations and Migration and Asylum. Each of these topics has significant implications for water security, conservation, and ensuring equitable access to clean water.

Water Europe is an official communications partner for the EU elections 2024, as this election is a real chance to elevate water issues to the forefront of EU policy. Our participation and voting can play a role in advocating successfully for a Water-Smart Society and a future where water management is a cornerstone of European policy.

To learn more about the important legislative topics central to this EU’s elections, click here.

To check all the key info for the EU elections 2024, please click here.


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