European Commission Puts Water Resilience Initiative on Hold: Call for a Water-Smart Europe


The European Commission has put the Water Resilience Initiative on hold. While this is a disappointing development, Water Europe stresses that there is an established broad consensus among European stakeholders for an ambitious and holistic water strategy. Such a strategy should provide European economic actors with a competitive and strategic asset, while guaranteeing enough water of the right quality at the right time.

We stand ready to support the Commission in its efforts to build a Water-Smart Europe. Even if the steps are gradual, they need to be steady and consistent to unlock the potential and establish an environment that enables water resilience, sustainability, and security.

In its EU24 Manifesto, Water Europe calls for:

Addressing water strategically as a stand-alone topic.
Repairing our governance to ensure strong political accountability at all levels.
Financing our transition towards a Water-Smart Society with a Blue Transition Fund.
Investing in collaboration, research, and innovation to develop relevant solutions for Europe and beyond through Water-Oriented Living Labs.

To learn more, read our full Manifesto.


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