European Commission releases a new Circular Economy Action Plan 


On the 11th March, the European Commission released its Circular Economy Action Plan as part of the Green Deal. This initiative aims to scale up the circular economy from front runners to the mainstream economy, reusing our resources as long as possible. Water Europe welcomes the dedicated place for water in this action plan which is in line with our vision to achieve a Water-Smart Society.

The European Union recognizes the risk of water stress due to resource inefficiency in our economy, especially for food productions. Going beyond the new water reuse regulation to encourage reuse in agriculture, the European Commission opens new rooms to achieve a Water-Smart Society by making a clear reference to industrial water: 

“The new Water Reuse Regulation will encourage circular approaches to water reuse in agriculture. The Commission will facilitate water reuse and water efficiency, including in industrial processes.” (page 15)

Water Europe also embraces the support to the implementation of the requirements of the Drinking Water Directive to make drinkable tap water accessible in public places to reduce the dependence on bottled water and prevent packaging waste. This initiative is therefore appreciated as it tackles pollution at the source. In the same way, the EC encourages the elimination of micro-plastic in our drinking water.

Lastly, the proposal for a comprehensive EU strategy for textiles considers the importance of water for this sector and its high pressure and contamination of this resource. 

Water Europe will follow-up these initiatives in collaboration with its Working Groups and Vision leadership teams. To read the full Circular Economy Action Plan, click here. Read Water Europe’s vision: The Value of Water – Towards a Future-Proof Model for a European Water-Smart Society.


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