Interview with Jurate Svarcaite, Director General of the Association of the European Self-Care Industry


Can you please introduce your association and describe the role that water plays in your work?

As the Association of the European Self-Care Industry, AESGP is committed to promoting responsible self-care and ensuring consumer access to safe and effective self-care products. Water plays a crucial role in our sector, not only as a key ingredient in many products but also in the manufacturing processes and supply chain.

The World Resource Institute predicts a 56% gap between water supply and demand by 2030. Water stress is also perceived among the main global risks, highlighting the need to move away from temporary measures to systematic, risk-based management. How are the current water risks perceived in your sector, and what policies/regulations do you consider important for addressing these risks?

AESGP acknowledges the global water challenges and recognizes the importance of sustainable water management. In our sector, understanding and addressing water risks are integral to maintaining a resilient supply chain. We have implemented a robust set of guidelines outlined in our Responsible Manufacturing Effluent Management Technical Guidance, which provides detailed steps for our members to manage effluent responsibly, minimize water consumption, and adopt environmentally friendly practices. These guidelines reflect our commitment to systematic, risk-based water management.

Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of building a Water-Smart Society. How does your organization actively support collaboration and innovation within your sector to improve environmental performance, competitiveness across the value chain? Could you provide specific examples of your efforts in this regard, particularly related to water?

Collaboration and innovation are fundamental to our approach. We actively engage with stakeholders across the industry to foster environmentally friendly practices. For instance, our CARE FOR PEOPLE, OUR ENVIRONMENT initiative outlines specific actions and projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact of our sector, including water conservation measures. Additionally, we participate in research initiatives and work collaboratively with partners to implement innovative solutions that enhance water efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Would a water strategy be relevant for your sector to strengthen competitiveness and reduce potential disruption on the value chain by ensuring water resilience, security, and sustainability?

A comprehensive EU-wide water strategy aligns with our commitment to sustainability and resilience. Such a strategy would strengthen our sector’s competitiveness by ensuring water resilience, security, and sustainability. We believe that a collective effort is essential to achieving a Water-Smart Society, and we are eager to contribute to this shared vision.


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