JRC 2023 Report on Drought in Europe


The Joint Research Centre from the European Commission published the Drought in Europe March 2023 to discuss the consequences of an exceptionally dry and warm winter in 2022, a historically low snow water equivalent in the Alps and it forecasts a season that can be critical for water resources in Europe.

According the report, due to an exceptionally dry and warm winter, soil moisture and river flow are already showing significant anomalies, especially in France, Spain and northern Italy. And, it says, Europe and the Mediterranean region could experience another extreme summer this year.

Seasonal forecasts show a warmer than average spring over Europe, while precipitation forecasts are characterized by higher spatial variability and uncertainty. Close monitoring and proper water use plans are required to deal with a season that currently has a high risk of being critical for water resources – states the report.

Read the full report to know more.


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