Meeting of WssTP WG ‘Water & Industry’ with the EIP AG ‘Industrial Water reuse and Recycling’


WG Industry NewsThe first combined meeting of WssTP WG on ‘Water and Industry’ after the summer holidays was held with success on 7th of October in Brussels. The meeting was well attended with 22 participants present.

Among the topics discussed were the water Calls for industry and WssTP’s water reuse report, while in the same context it was highlighted the cooperation of the new member ‘World business council on Sustainable Development’ with IWA on Water Reuse. WssTP also expressed its anticipation for a new legislation on water reuse from the European Commission.

In addition, the meeting decided to merge the WssTP WG ‘Water & SPIRE’ into the WG ‘Water and Industry’ as a sub-group. A detailed action plan of the WG was also set up for the next two years with regular meetings every 3 months.

The next meeting of the WG ‘Water & Industry’ is scheduled for the 10th of December.

More information, please contact Albert Jansen


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