New Position Paper: ‘Digitalization and Water’


Water Europe is glad to release its new position paper on ‘Digitalization and Water’ calling for digital and water-smart infrastructures in the two sectors.

The publication of this new position aspires to stress the interconnections between the digital and the water sector. Developed in the context of Water Europe’s preparation for its involvement in the new Zero Pollution stakeholder platform, the position paper focuses on digitalization as a driver to release Water Europe’s new commitment toward a net-zero Water sector by 2050 but also the necessity to build a European water-smart digital sector.

The EU digital strategy aims to shape Europe’s digital future while benefiting everyone. The moment that digitalization benefits the water sector within its activities, the digital sector also consumes water for its businesses, contributing to increased levels of pressure on our water sources. For instance, Google has a water withdrawal equivalent to the population of Florence.

This document also features several EU projects working on digital innovative solutions for the water sector such as PathoCERT, aqua3S, STOP-IT and AquaSPICE.

Read the full position paper here. For more information, please contact Loic Charpentier.


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