Registrations are open for Water Market Europe 2023 on March 14-15 in Brussels


If you are looking for opportunities to promote your business, you can’t miss the 2023 edition of our Water Market Europe flagship event coming up in Brussels on March 14-15.

This year’s theme is ‘Protection of water from pollution and removal of biological and chemical emerging contaminants; Innovative solutions for the water industry. Water Market Europe 2023 is the perfect opportunity for problem owners and solution providers to showcase their business by facilitating the matchmaking between demand and the offer of advanced innovative solutions.

WME2023 offers you the possibility to find new collaboration and market opportunities for

✅ Advanced and cost-effective drinking and wastewater water treatment and disinfection processes and technologies;
 Technologies and tools to protect water sources from biological and chemical pollution;
✅ Biological and chemical contamination emergency response technologies and tools;
✅ Advanced integrated and cost-effective digital devices and systems;
✅ Innovative and robust monitoring systems and real-time information on drinking water quality, from sources to supply.

On March 14, you have the chance to enjoy an evening of networking, good cheer and gourmet delights at the Water Market Europe’s dinner. Reserve your spot at the WME2023 dinner here.


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