Stop-it concludes its 4-year project with a Final Conference on Oct. 21-22


As the STOP-IT project is coming to a finalization this month, all the partners cam together for a digital Final Conference to present their analyses, results and contributions to increase the cyber and physical protection of water critical infrastructure. Their findings are relevant foundations to launch an EU Water ISAC.

The event invited speakers from EC agencies to discuss the NIS-2 Directive and enhance the resilience of critical entities, and about water security plans and how to implement them. Water organizations shared their experiences related to how water companies can prepare and be ready for the NIS-2 Directive and there will be a roundtable discussion on the challenges and lessons learnt.

The STOP-IT Partners had a moment of celebrations for the great achievements and for reflection about the entire experience over the last 4 years together. If you want to know more, please read the full press release here.


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