The EC published the first Horizon Europe strategic plan 2021-2024


This first Horizon Europe strategic plan was published by the European Commission on 15th March 2021. It outlines the strategic orientations for the EU’s R&I investments over the period 2021-2024 and gives the directions to remain aligned with the political priorities of the European Commission with a focus on a climate-neutral and green Europe, fit for the digital age, and an EU economy that works for the people. The aim is to ensure an effective crossing point between EU policy priorities, and programme activities and, the R&I projects funded by Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe will focus on the nexus between biodiversity, water, food and health focusing on the interlinkages among the UN SDGs related to food and water security, health for all, protecting biodiversity and fighting climate change. Enhancing ecosystems and biodiversity on land and in waters is the main objective to achieve this first HEU Strategic Plan.

For more information write to Andrea Rubini.



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