The race of water utilities to reduce carbon emissions is on


The global water technology company Xylem has released the new paper Net Zero: The Race We All Win to help water managers reducing their emissions and making infrastructure more resilient to climate change.

Since the Paris Agreement of 2016, more than 70 countries have pledged to meet ambitious net-zero goals, promising to commit to a 45 percent cut in GHG emissions by 2030, and net zero by 2050.

That’s a challenge for water utilities because water and wastewater infrastructure is a major GHG contributor, making up approximately 2% of global GHG emissions, on par with the global shipping industry. With the right approaches and proven technologies, net zero is possible.

The strategies in this paper enable water utilities to hit net zero and still meet their community and regulatory obligations. More than that, these approaches can optimize utility operations to deliver better sustainability and business outcomes, hand-in-hand. Check the paper here.


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