Water Europe invited to Dubai Expo 2020 to raise its Expertise and Water Vision


Last week, Water Europe was invited by the Slovenian Government to debate with the innovative water stakeholders at the Dubai Expo 2020 in the Slovenian pavilion on climate change and groundwater. It was a fruitful exchange on several water-related topics such as public health, drinking and bathing water, circular wastewater management and digitalisation. This water week at Dubai Expo was an opportunity to expand the discussion on water-smart solutions with other  innovators from European member states as Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Estonia and so on.

Moreover, Water Europe was also invited to speak to a Symposium on water security by Trends Research on the role of Water Europe for cooperation opportunities and advocacy in Europe and beyond. It was an opportunity to highlight the collective job of our members and partners (eg. EU Water Alliance) and to ensure the right quality and quantity of water for our economy, society and environment through research & innovation. Lastly, with the support of the EU institutions, Water Europe shared its experience during a conference organised by the Government of Guinea, UNDP and the EU, raising the need for a Water-Smart Society and EU water-related projects.

For more information, please contact Loic Charpentier.


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