Water4All Partnership kicks-off


Water4All co-funded Partnership started on 1st June 2022. The WATER4All initiative main objective is to enable water security for all on the long term, by boosting systemic transformations and changes across the water-research innovation pipeline. Water Europe leads the key Pillar D of Water4All on demonstration of innovation through the Water-Oriented Living Labs.

Water4All published the Pre-Call Announcement of the 2022 Joint Transnational Call. Thirty-Three Funding Agencies from all over Europe and beyond are pleased to pre-announce a joint transnational call for research and innovation projects on “Management of water resources for increased resilience, adaptation and mitigation to hydroclimatic extreme events”.

The call will focus on solutions for hydroclimatic extreme events and will address at least one of the following topics:

Topic 1. Resilience, adaptation and mitigation to hydroclimatic extreme events
Topic 2. Tools for water management – in the context of hydroclimatic extreme events
Topic 3. Improved water governance in the context hydroclimatic extreme events and international contexts
The call should open on 1st September 2022 and final confirmation is expected soon, so stay tuned!

For more information, please contact Andrea Rubini


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