WE Water-Oriented Living Labs Workshop during ENOLL Days 2022


On September 21st, Water Europe is holding the ‘Water-Oriented Living Labs (WOLLs) for the Green and Digital Transition’ workshop in the context of the Open Living Labs Days 2022 taking place from the 21st to the 23 of September.

Building on the workshop implemented at the OLLD 2019, the workshop intends to highlight how the Water-Oriented Living Labs (WOLLs) will be held in the Sala Duomo of Turin from 17:30 to 19:00. The workshop intends to generate the ideal multi-contextual, empirical real-world environments and the systemic innovation approach to support the twin effort to achieve the Green and Digital transition and a Water-Smart Society.

The workshop will connect to the role played by the WOLLs in the HEU Co-funded Partnership Water4All for the demonstration of Water-Smart innovation in Europe and beyond with the participation of 74 partners, 21 MS and 5 Associated Countries.

The WOLLs workshop touches all five thematic tracks of the conference that are: society, governance, green and sustainable, transformation and beyond the city. A Water-Smart Society is a significant force towards the Green and Digital Transformation in EU. Creating a Water-Smart Society is an enormous task, considering the major societal changes in response to climate change where water security is an essential goal for all.

The Workshop aims at introducing practical and provisional guidelines for the identification, assessment, evaluation of and engagement with Water Oriented Living Labs for those who want to foster and implement Water-Smart innovations by means of the WOLLs eco-systems.

For more information on the Open Living Lab Days, please click here.


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