WssTP at AIWW 2017



Bringing together leaders from government, the private sector, academics, and society all over the world, the 2017 edition of the AIWW was successfully concluded last week.


Strongly engaged with AIWW, WssTP was one of the supporting organisations of the conference and Tomas Michel, WssTP President was present at the event. WssTP President moderated the workshop titled ‘New tech ventures and up scaling” on the second day of the conference, addressing the issue why innovation in water so often fails. Beyond business sense, i.e. the venture part, up scaling of innovation, measured as market uptake, is of the essence.

A true understanding of the market and the involvement of different stakeholders and local governance, together with a clear problem-solving orientation, partnership and collaboration, were all identified as key elements to market uptake and hence, success. Among the main messages of the session was that for innovation to happen, it’s important that there is an environment of collaboration, partnership, and capacity building, which hopefully in part, WssTP can provide.

To learn more about AIWW 2017, please click here.


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