2013 WssTP Stakeholders Event – Water In The Urban Environment



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The joint WssTP-COST Strategic Event on “Water in the urban environment: Bringing research to the market” was an outstanding success with more than 200 attendees. After the Water Innovation Europe 2012 conference which we organised together with ACQUEAU, this was the 2nd time that WssTP organised a conference of this scope and magnitude in which it managed to bring together representatives from all domains of the water sector. Each day of our event was specially focused on a different dimension of the topic ‘Water in the urban environment’, achieving this way to combine policy, science and business in an innovative and productive way. Our attendees were provided with a platform to discuss, exchange knowledge, debate and reach a conclusion that is impossible to be reached without collaboration on all sides of the water sector. Rudolf Strohmeier, the deputy director of DG RTD, said during his keynote speech on the first day of the event that the ‘Water sector needs to work in partnership’. We as WssTP identify ourselves with this statement since our core goals are to increase the collaboration and coordination within the water sector and to enhance its competitiveness. This conference was one of our initiatives towards the fulfilment of this goal. Many more will follow. Stay updated on WssTP events’ and activities.

For further information please visit the Water in the Urban Environment website


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