ARSINOE #5 Online Seminar Coming up on 30 November


This fifth ARSINOE seminar, titled “Water-Smart Cities: Navigating Climate-Resilient Sustainable Urbanization in the Digital Age”, will be chaired by the Water Europe VLT Water-Smart Cities, led by Arnout Reulens (city of Mechelen). It will feature an eminent panel of experts from the sister projects projects ARSINOE, TRANSFORMAR, IMPETUS and REGILIENCE, who will actively participate and provide valuable insights drawn from their extensive experience and the ambitious goals of these projects

The Water Europe VLT Water-Smart Cities plays a pivotal role in shaping the event’s focus on urban end-user needs, circular economy principles, and the realization of a Water-Smart Society. This VLT in Water Europe sets visionary benchmarks and fosters collaboration among stakeholders, creating a foundation for innovation, experimentation, and the transformation of urban environments into smart, sustainable, and resilient Water-Oriented Living Labs.

The event serves as a stand to further the aims of ARSINOE and its sister projects, focusing on the development of climate-resilient regions and the integration of systemic solutions for sustainable, smart, and climate-adaptive urban environments for a Water-Smart Society.


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