ARSINOE Seminar Series #6 – Exploring the effects of climate change on biodiversity

Biological diversity is vital for the proper functioning of ecosystems, contributing significantly to the delivery of essential services that sustain life on Earth. Life itself relies on access to clean water, pure air, fertile land, a robust ecosystem, and a climate suitable for living. Unfortunately, human activities, such as ecosystem degradation and climate change, are currently causing […]

Water Market Europe 2024


Water Market Europe is the event cycle that Water Europe (WE) has set up to create a unique innovation and business environment, where state of the art water knowledge and research results can meet with market actors within and outside the water sector to create value and new business opportunities. With a new theme every […]

Water Innovation Europe 2024

Brussels, Belgium

Water Innovation Europe aims at shaping the European water-related future by offering new perspectives and insights from high-level EU decision-makers and experts of the water sector and bringing forward the latest updates and trends on new water technologies and innovations.

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