Germany takes over Council presidency


Germany took over today the six-month presidency of the Council of the EU with the motto “Together for Europe’s recovery”. The German Government is putting the focus of its Presidency on overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and also expressing its goal of making Europe stronger, more equitable, and more sustainable. 

The Strategic Agenda of the European Council of June 2019 and the European Commission’s adjusted Work Programme form cornerstones of Germany’s programme.

German priorities for the presidency are highlighted below: 

  1. Overcoming Covid-19 pandemic; economic and social recovery
  2. A stronger and more innovative Europe
  3. A fair Europe
  4. A sustainable Europe
  5. A Europe of security and common values
  6. A strong Europe in the world

Germany will work closely with Portugal and Slovenia, which take over the presidency on 1 January and 1 July 2021 respectively. This is the 13th time Germany has held the Council presidency. The last time was in 2007.

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