New event coming up: Water efficiency in industry- Register by 02/01


Join us on January 12th and take part in a discussion on how industry can mitigate and overcome the challenges of water in a sustainable and efficient way.

Water is an essential resource for our society, nations and the industries supporting the growth we aim for. While water scarcity is discussed as global resource challenge, it is today also becoming a European issue with water scarcity and droughts emerging across Europe and in some areas have become the new normal. The water scarcity issue poses threats to our people, nature and not least our economy as it a vital input to our production of food, building material and industries.

According to the UN, industry today represents 50% of the total water consumption in Europe. Therefore, when meeting the demands of our European societies in the future, water resources in industries need to be utilised in a more efficient and sustainable way. Not only to meet the demands but also to minimise the rising risks of water shortage as input for the production of goods and infrastructure.

The technical potential to save water in industrial processes is 75%, but today only a few percent of water is being reused. To catch the untapped potential of water efficiency in industries, ambitious regulatory frameworks and goals need to be addressed by the EU. How can industry really contribute to a water-smart society?

Registrations open until 02 January 2023. Check the full programme and register here.


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