Nexus analysis can achieve urban sustainability and integrated policy and action, according the EEA report


The European Environmental Agency (EEA) has published a new report ”Urban Sustainability in Europe: Learning from nexus analysis to present a detailed analysis of eight urban environmental sustainability nexus.

These constitute examples to help understand the complexity of urban systems and explore how, in practice, using nexus analysis can help identifying existing challenges, potential trade-offs and co-benefits on actions to achieve urban sustainability objectives and opportunities to move towards better coordinated and integrated policy and action.

Households as a sector account for 12 % of total annual water use and 27 % of final energy consumption in the EU. Although there is no water nexus included in the report, water is do mentioned on several sub-levels in the context of floods, nature-based solutions, stormwater, water scarcity and droughts, reusing and recycling water, grey water, water & sanitation, wastewater & water pollution etc.



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