Open letter on the World Water Day to call for a Water-Smart Europe


Today we all celebrate the World Water Day 2022 and Water Europe is making active efforts to raise awareness of the importance of our groundwater resources for our society and economy. This morning, Water Europe addressed an open letter to the Members of the European Parliament calling on them to protect our water resources by adopting a Water-Smart Society and recognising the true value of water. 

According to the EEA, groundwater abstraction has increased significantly in the last 30 to 40 years. Until now we have been able to rely on groundwater, but the often invisible deterioration of the groundwater quality, through salinization or pollution, has become already a major problem in many European countries. Groundwater is key to a resilient and sustainable future and needs to be used and protected in an integral way. 

On such a day, it’s key to embrace our societal responsibility and build a Water-Smart Europe where all available water sources are managed in such a way that we achieve a resilient and autonomous Europe. Read the full letter below.

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