POWERSTEP final conference will be held on the 16-17 May in Munich



Transforming municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) from net power consumers into energy neutral or even energy positive service providers is no longer a dream.

Today’s cutting-edge technologies, such as Resource Recovery Factories, have become more affordable for many cities and regions, empowering urban areas with a new source of flexibility in their energy system while also facilitating their commitment towards climate goals.

Discussions around innovations that enable these new Resource Recovery Factories will be at the core of this two-day conference which will feature recognised experts. Participants will learn about the European and energy framework in which the WWTP as a renewable energy source operates, whilst also investigating the market deployment potential.

The project is committed to working in close collaboration with both academia and the industry, therefore each topic has been developed and shaped to meet the IFAT audience expectations: to learn, be questioned and challenge the discussions.

The wastewater sector has a potential in the energy transition for Europe. Don’t underestimate the power of wastewater. Come and discover the circular wastewater economy!


Event details:

CITY: Munich (IFAT)


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