Register for the Cassandra conference to learn solution on climate change & socio-political issues in the Mediterranean – Nov.15/17


A new Mediterranean Renaissance? As climate change, health and migration hit the Mediterranean countries, the Cassandra Conference coming up on Nov. 15-17 will aim at rethinking new and innovative approaches to address environmental and societal issues across the Mediterranean countries.

What are the objectives of the Conference?

To demonstrate the latest technological and scientific advances which can provide solutions and progress regarding the pathway of Climate Change and Health, Migration, Conflict and Gender Inequality, both separately and as a whole, contributing to proactive planning and policy co-creation that will be essential to mitigate the potential impacts on health resulting from climate change, leading potentially to migration, conflict and the exasperation of the secondary status of women throughout the Mediterranean region.

To establish the interrelation between the issues of Climate Change, Migration, Conflict and Gender Inequality, the political and social consequences of these issues and the subsequent defence of human rights.

To encourage a global approach to the identified challenges employing Technology, Art and Policy whilst promoting inter-sectoral collaboration, recognition, engagement, empathy and dialogue. This is known as Science-Art-Sustainability Diplomacy.

To establish the Mediterranean Region as a leader in science and technology addressing the relationship between Climate Change and Health, Migration, Conflict and Gender Inequality.

To publish the considerations of the conference in a book which will be disseminated on open-source platforms.

If you are interested in joining the Conference, check out the official website and secure your place here.


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